Great, Another Damn Blog.

Dear Friend:

I regret to inform you I have started a blog.



Really, this douche has a blog?

Certainly the world does not need another blog, but perhaps I need a blog.  What will you, nonexistent reader, find at this blog?  Random musings.  Discussions of movies and TV, plays and books, baseball and politics and food, and thoughts on life.  Essays.  Recommendations.  And photographs!  And sometimes, nothing at all.

Above all, I will do my damnedest to try and keep it short.

So, in a world where Archbishop Dolan and Dmitry Medvedev both have blogs (really, and, you won’t find the links here), I am taking a bold step into the late 1990’s.

For today’s blog: A discussion of the title, “This Way To The Egress”, one of my favorite P.T. Barnum moments ever.  You know what?  Blogging’s already harder than I ever thought.  Here’s the late, beloved wordsmith William Safire: “[Barnum’s sign] “This way to the Egress,” tricking customers looking for a strange animal to move quickly through a crowded tent to the outside.”  And that’s just how I feel about life sometimes: It’s a strange, un-findable animal.  An egress.

Here’s Safire’s full column:

More tomorrow.  Thank you, Wally


5 Responses to “Great, Another Damn Blog.”

  1. thiswaytotheegress Says:

    Already, the link doesn’t work, the Twitter won’t link up properly. How quickly we become angry with wonders!

  2. Mark T Says:

    So you have multiple favorite P.T. Barnum moments?

    Write on, Wally, write on.

  3. alexandria Says:

    love the column! nice web presence, friend.

  4. Tommy Says:

    Finally we can be blogging buddies! I have a new one up to…Douche.

  5. Angie Says:

    This makes me glad.

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