Introducing the Ombudsman

The New York Times has Clark Hoyt.  National Public Radio has Alicia Shepard.  Even ESPN has the venerable Don Ohlmeyer.

Every trusted organization should have one, and thus I introduce the ombudsman of “This Way To The Egress: The Wally Blog”.  The ombudsman will act as the liaison between, say, the common man and this blogger, and therefore I am honored to have Nicholas Garfinkle as the ombudsman of this blog.


I understand the common man.

Nick is familiar to readers of this blog (why, he was featured in the video accompanying post number two!) and despite his fancy degree and Hollywood aspirations, seems to display a deft, common touch.  He has full range to, ahem, ombud at his will.  He was our first second choice.

Finally, on the subject of ombuding, several summers ago, thanks to the wonderfully diverse selection at the world’s greatest bookstore (why, Bookworks, on Nantucket Island, of course!  More on them in a subsequent post), I whiled away August afternoons reading “Public Editor Number One: The Collected Columns of the First Ombudsman of The New York Times,” by the always erudite and entertaining Daniel Okrent (familiar from Ken Burns’ marvelous epic “Baseball”; here’s the link:

A fascinating book!  In fact, Nick, you ought to pick up a copy.



One Response to “Introducing the Ombudsman”

  1. Paula Says:

    Ombudsman, a nice replacement for a spiritual energizer bunny battery-operated Budd-hic figurine , chanting”Om” or “Om my God” or “Om, my Bud”

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