The Only New TV Show Worth Watching (Wocka, wocka, wocka: Part Two)

“Okay, so we’ve got the f’ugly Courtney Cox as a MILF who just can’t get any, and William Shakespeare as an FBI Special Agent.  Any chance we can sign Tom Arnold as a inner-city school teacher who discovers that he really, really wants to change?”

And they expect us to believe this?!

There is one great, fantastic, new TV show you should–really, it’s laugh-out-loud, people–be watching.  That’s ABC’s terrific, dynamic single-camera half-hour “Modern Family.”



They're even funnier than these people.


You can stream the first 5 episodes (free!) here:

The invaluable contributions of the actors (The heretofore-underutilized Ty Burrell!  The tremendous pairing of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet!  Al Bundy!  Sweet Carol Vessey!) and the helming by Jason  Winer obviously contribute to making this the best new half-hour since NBC’s “30 Rock.”

But this being this blog, let’s not forget the writers, chief amongst them the co-creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd.  Oh, and Christopher Lloyd just happens to be the son of…  David Lloyd.  Wocka, wocka indeed.


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