“Surprise, Surprise”

Today I am 23.

Wait, that’s not quite right.

Today I am 32.

There we go.

He was famous by 32.


So I could blog about feeling old, not quite having shite together, or even how I heard a Christmas carol on the radio this morning (yup, and I like Christmas carols, but really?!).  However, no one wants to hear birthday ennui.  It’s like Shia LaBeouf: Bo-ring.

Instead, emboldened by the title of this post, which is off his new Working On A Dream album, here are my top 10 lesser-known Bruce Springsteen tunes (i.e., while I scream Thunder Road in the shower almost every day, it ain’t here), in no particular order:

Bobby Jean, off Born in the U.S.A.  Jennifer Glass has a cover of this that gets me every time.

Meeting Across The River, off Born to Run.  A beautiful, haunting little tune about trying and failing.

Leah, off Devils & Dust.  It’s all with Leah.

Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?, off Greetings From Asbury Park.  “Hey bus driver…  bless your children…”

Man’s Job, off Human Touch.  But the live version is really something.

Leap of Faith, off Lucky Town.  We all need this, birthdays or not.

I’ll Work For Your Love, off Magic.  “Pour me a drink Theresa…”

One Step Up, off Tunnel of Love.  Kenny Chesney actually has a great cover of this on his No Shirt, No Shoes album.

– The Wish, off Tracks, Disc 3.  Put this one at the top of a mix for Mom last Mother’s Day (yup, I’m sentimental sometimes).

Kingdom of Days, off Working On A Dream.  All we have, really.


Just because it's my birthday.



One Response to ““Surprise, Surprise””

  1. Laura Says:

    Ah, Walter. A belated Happy Birthday to you, and much props for your boss-centric post! 82nd street is one of my all-time favorites too…

    I sense a grand friendship ahead of us…

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