“Straw Man”

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the world premiere screening of Straw Man, a short film on which I was pleased to discover I had three credits:  as an associate producer, an actor and a production assistant (as friend of the blog Jason Gareffa said, “What did you do, get yourself coffee?”).  The evening brought back fond memories of late-night shooting, drinking way too many energy drinks, trying to help Elias not drive the grip truck into a ditch (okay, I don’t think I was much help) and, in general, the merriment of passionate filmmaking, even if one’s finest contribution is to not be the idiot who screws up the take!  And although my character’s one line and name were cut (seriously, his name is Peter.  The co-worker’s name is Peter.  He’s a person, damn it, with real co-worker feelings!), I was also pleased to see, as a vain actor, I looked relatively okay up on the screen (okay, as good as a guy can look in khakis and a blue shirt.  Which is to say, What I Wear).

So while I certainly can’t offer an unbiased review of the flick, I can say this:  Tremendous.  It looks amazing (what did we learn, boys and girls?  Shoot on a RED high-def camera) and is a taunt, well-made, well-acted 20 minute thriller / drama about a young gun salesman.  I have nothing but total admiration for writer / director David (James) Kelly, actor / producer Hugh Scott and executive producer Melanie Wagor.  All in all it was a terrific experience I’m proud of.  Even if I can never guzzle down another energy drink without, yes, ralphing.  Straw Man.  It’s about to hit the festival circuit.

With actor / producer / friend Hugh Scott. Neither of us are drunk, thankfully.

With writer / director David James Kelly. Look how naturally he adapts the Scorcese pose.


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