Medium fuses, 5 amp.

Medium fuses, 5 amp.  I need ’em, who’s got ’em?  Anybody?  Anybody?  Medium fuses, 5 amp.

To quote the Beach Boys, and by that I mean quoting the Muppets singing the Beach Boys, “Christmas comes this time each year,” and of course at the old homestead (seriously, built in the Civil War) that means lights.  Lots of lights.  And for some reason, this year, the lights aren’t working the way they usually do.

"Russ, we checked every bulb, didn't me?" "Uh, sure Dad."

I have fond memories of putting up the lights as a kid:  Thanksgiving weekend, cold days with my father, who would make us whatever soup was in the cupboard.  (Apparently we were hobos.)  Keeping an extra red bulb up in the bathroom closet for Rudolph’s nose.  Friends constantly saying how wonderful it was, that we incorporated Judaism because of the blue lights.  (I always let ’em believe that was why; I mean, Why not?  We respect all religions and we’re a family of lawyers.)

Over the years there have been dicey times with the lights (producing plays, coming home late from college, Thanksgivings in Nantucket), but I’ve always returned to the damn lights.  Why?  I can’t really say, but perhaps it has something to do with what a friend of mine mentioned to me yesterday, about the spirit of the season.

Obviously old-time-y cultures used holiday lights to ward off the cold and dark feelings, and we’re a long way from that–  we use lights to annoy Al Gore.  (I write that as a guilty-recycling-liberal.)  But I’m a sentimentalist when it comes to Christmas, and so they’ll be plenty of posts on carols, parties, etc, and for me, the holidays really start with a good ol’ fashioned Griswold light display.  (He should’ve left food additives for exterior illumination.)  Or maybe it’s because of what my sister said: “Do you really want everyone who comes to the party to walk through the door and say, ‘Where are t he lights?'”.

Please don't drink and fly this holiday season.

So even though currently the little reindeer are in trouble, the deck tree is wobbling and no one, save no one, has any more blue bulbs, the lights will ultimately be put up.  Because it’s that time of year, and because I personally love driving around and seeing other folks’ (finished, those lucky… !) holiday lights.  So drive by my folks’ house, if you like.

As soon as I get those medium fuses, 5 amp.

I truly can't understand why we keep blowing a fuse.


4 Responses to “Medium fuses, 5 amp.”

  1. Elin Says:

    let me know if you need me to ship you some from Colorado!

  2. thiswaytotheegress Says:

    Is that a serious offer, my friend? Cause I might even take you up on that… can’t wait to see you on the 29th! We all miss you!

  3. Ann Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I did read your Blog today. LOL

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