Hot Stove

The other night I was at some married friends’ house for dinner (tip of the hat to friends of the blog Nikki and Alex!  I even got a Chrismukkah gift!).  At one point the guy was at the range, tending to some kind of destined-to-be-delicious apple cider, caramel concoction, and the gal and I were at the table.  I was blathering on about possible baseball trades, as I’m wont to do (as I’m wont to use the therm ‘wont’).  The guy said shouted something about not keeping up with the hot stove, when the gal chimed in with, “Honey, do you want me to do it?”

Warming your hands all winter long.

We guys had a good laugh, but really, why do we call all this frenzied baseball speculation hot stove?  (Ah, for the late, great William Safire!)  A quick Google search turns up nothing more than simply older, off-season teams needing one for training.  This is baseball, there’s got to be a better story than that, right?

These days if I get a text message, there’s a 50% it’s from MLB.  J.J. Putz signs with the ChiSox for one year, three million!  (Really?  Enjoy those bone chips.)  Bill Wagner with Atlanta for seven mil!  (And now I have to root against him.)  Rich Harden with Texas, Randy Wolf with Milwaukee–  and here I thought the economy was in the toilet.  Seriously, if you kids, force them, FORCE THEM into pitching.  You’ll thank me later.

Hello, I would fetch 16 billion dollars in today's market.

There’s a lot of rumors floating around that my beloved and long-suffering (and sometimes insufferable) team the New York Metropolitans will land Toronto’s Roy Halladay or Boston’s Jason Bay (we’ve offered 60 to 65 million over four years, which seems like a lot until you consider the contract of one Carlos Beltran) or San Francisco’s Bengie Molina (of the popular Molina catchers).   All I know is Omar needs to sign two good, mid-rotation pitchers, or we’re not making the play-offs, and if we don’t make the play-offs again, bye, bye, Omar!

For a good laugh, the tweets of Omar, as furnished by the good people at Bugs & Cranks:

Speaking of ‘B. & C.,’ here are a few web sites I monitor:

It’s the time of the year where you can’t throw Gary, Keith and Ron on the TV or Howie on the radio, and I can’t stand the thought of looking at more damn Yankees W.S. merchandise…  so gather ’round the hot stove, it’ll warm you up.

Sure, I'll swap you Mr. Met for Wally.


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