Cup of holiday cheer, please? Eh, how ’bout some cheap merlot?

[Note:  It’s ben a walloping four days since I posted.  Whoa.]

This better be gin.

So there I was last night, plastic cup of red wine in hand, at another holiday party, trying to get away from a slightly-crazed actress I knew from LA, and thinking of how this all felt so familiar, when I excused my self to use the restroom (The Gent’s, as my mother hates me calling it) when this woman called me back.  She called me back to show me my photo on the TV display various photos from this holiday party, like Dicken’s Ghosts of Christmas Pasts.  So again there I was last night, staring at this photo, and my first thought was:  1. I’ve lost weight.  Pretty good, huh?  Slimmed down a bit in ’09.  (No doubt, thanks, to hobo beans.)  My second thought was: 2. Wait a moment, didn’t I wear that sweater vest the year before too?  And why am I wearing sweater vests at all, when I’m one of only about five people who I know like sweater vests, and one of them just got voted out of office in New Jersey?  And my third thought was:

The patron saint of this time of year.

3.  Why do we do it?  Why do we, human beings, go to the same parties every year, and exchange the same banter with the same people?  Why do we stress ourselves over flying reindeer and wrapping gifts, all for a time period that will pass?  Do we enjoy the ritual, the comfort that comes in familiarity when so much of our lives are out of our control, when this year in particular was so trying for so many?  Or are we simply scared to muck it up, mess with tradition?  In the unheralded, underrated words of Ishtar (that’s a whole other blog post for the New Year): WHY?

But I can’t really answer, I’ve got another holiday party tomorrow night.


One Response to “Cup of holiday cheer, please? Eh, how ’bout some cheap merlot?”

  1. Dee Says:

    Because we are all slaves to traditional, Wally West! 😉

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