Ace Ventura, on the Inter-webs.

Okay, so Disney’s A Christmas Carol tanked (that’s the official title– the word ‘Dickens’ scares kids).  And it’s been five years since the most-excellent Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and a good 12 years since Jim Carrey made a marginally funny movie.  But as the dark days of December come to a close, and cool crap to check out in the ’00’s hits its natural end, did you know Jim Carrey has a trippy, whimsical, awesome website?

I am an Internet God. Seriously.

As someone who recently established a modest little website, I was floored by Mr. Carrey’s site.  Pythonesque animation!  A wild eyeball!  A tweeting Carrey!  Whoa.

Tomorrow I’ll begin the first of a couple of New Year’s-themed blog posts, but at this tough year (and tough decade) draws to a close, who couldn’t use a little whimsy?  Check it out here, thank me later:


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