New Year’s Resolution: [Please Fill In The Blank]

Resolutions?  What’s the fracking point?  I mean, not to get all nihilistic as the snow falls, but should they be specific (use the elliptical every other day) or broad (go to the damn gym)?  Should they regard physical health (eat more kale), mental health (catch up on old New Yorkers) or no health at all (only drink the best gin and whiskey)?  Are they supposed to be skills I would still like to lean in this life (to converse in French, to play the piano) or more short-term, theoretically achievable goals (finish rewriting the current script)?  And how do we enforce them?  And now many should I make?  Sure, I’d like to donate a day of my time, I’d like to visit my aunt in North Carolina, I’d like to send more personal letters to old friends, I’d like to cook more and not suck at fantasy baseball and work my way through my ridiculously backlogged Netflix queue and walk the dogs and just be a better person, but— sheesh!  Enough already.

Drink more herbal tea, less alcohol.  Lose those holiday cookies and cocktails weight.  Understand the McCrystal plan in Afghanistan.  Wait, that’s what it is— resolutions, they’re not fun, at all.  It’s like my daily debate, Gym vs. Bar.  That’s why the past few years I’ve gone with resolutions like:  Brunch more.  Drink champagne even when it’s not a special occasion.  Buy pajamas.  All those resolutions are fun!  Perhaps my real resolution shall be to do something I don’t normally do:  See an opera, listen to a rap song— go to that damn gym.

Still, it’s been a wonderful, crazy, difficult, exhilarating, enjoyable, frustrating, profoundly sad, deliriously joyful year, and I suppose you could say decade too.  And now it’s December 31st, and we all start a Brand New Decade.  Go crank up a loud tune and enjoy it— there’s a daily resolution.  Happy New Year!


One Response to “New Year’s Resolution: [Please Fill In The Blank]”

  1. Jess Says:

    Very nice post my friend. This is where I bust out singing Billy Joel’s Just the Way you Are. 😉

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