Maira Kalman

Happy New Year!  If you yearn for something truly new, something truly enchanting, but something that does break the bank (so to speak) this new year (and new decade), may I recommend the rather brilliant illustrator and author Maira Kalman?

This gentleman wound up on the cover of her greatest book.

Unfortunately Kalman’s visual blog for The New York Times, And The Pursuit of Happiness, ends today, though you can check out the final installment here:  No reason to despair, of course; this blog which deals with the notions of our nation shall be published as a book this year.

Speaking of books, her masterwork if The Principles of Uncertainty, a bold take on loss, love and the simple pleasures of being alive at this time, this moment.  Get yourself a New Year’s gift and order it!  (I receive nothing from the royalties, alas.)  She is also the illustrator of a whimsical, enoyable version of the classic Strunk & White’s Elements of Style.

Kalman's basset knows a thing or two about the elements of style.

So, may this New Year be for you like the work of Maira Kalman:  Colorful!


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