It’s (kind of, sort of, not really, okay, a little, we’ll let you have it…) Complicated

Seriously young.

This is a movie review of writer / director Nancy Meyer‘s new flick It’s Complicated.

We were all young once.

Signs you are prematurely old at the ripe young age of 32:  You Amazon the latest Norah Jones album.  You  drink herbal tea instead of whiskey before bed.  You sincerely enjoy the new Nora Ephron Nancy Meyers flick.

Though she’s been getting beaten to a pulp on a different blog, I enjoy her movies, as you always know what you’re getting:  Catalogue porn homes.  Funny lines, but wittily done (how often can anyone type that?!).  And a terrific, relaxed master class in comedy acting.

And here’s no exception.  The movie’s laugh-out-loud funny (with a truly hilarious pot scene that somehow, stupidly earned the flick its ‘R’ rating), with a, I’ll say it, brilliant comedic performance from Alec Baldwin, a bravura performance from Meryl Streep, a bittersweet one from Steve Martin, as well as (I can’t say ‘upstart’, can I?) John Krasinski holding his own.  It’s not going to challenge you the way Up In The Air is, but it’s the kind of solid, funny, adult comedy people are always complaining Hollywood doesn’t make anymore.  Going for the Baldwin / Streep in the hotel bedroom scene interplay alone will make you snort, giggle and guffaw.

Oh yes we were.

In fact, there’s only one real flaw with this movie (if you accept it’s schmaltzy, glossy feel):  Watching it, you’ll feel old.


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