Underrated: ‘bandwagons’

Today, we here at ‘This Way To The Egress’ (you didn’t think the whole operation was one guy in a windowless room with a laptop, did ya?) are pleased to announce a new feature ‘Underrated,’ in which we take a look at this overhyped world we live in and come up with something underrated.  Our first find in our one-part series are bandwagons.

“This morning I tied a green bandanna around my head in a show of support for the Iranian people.  Because even though my background is French-Afro-Caucasian-Estonian-Prussian, deep down inside, in places we don’t talk about, I’m Iranian.”

The view from up here is amazing!

If someone you know recently spoke like that, they have jumped on a bandwagon.  And why not?  Bandwagons are fun!  You don’t have to suffer for years, agonizing with your prefered political movement / politician / sports team / social media / whatever.  You just hop on!  Take a look around, see who’s up in the world, ignore who’s down, and get with it.  No one will challenge you; we’re all too busy watching Tiger Woods parody porn Eric Rohmer flicks.

“I’m with Coco.  Seriously with Coco.  Sure, I don’t actually own a TV per se, and I go to bed at nine pm after a satisfying dinner of organic steel cut oats while listening to ‘This American Life’ on NPR, Coco’s one of us.  so I’m with Coco.  Seriously.”

A ‘bandwagon”s original definition is “… a wagon used for carrying a band in a parade or procession.”  and you know what?  I knew that all along.  I’ve known that for years.  Seriously, people.

“Who dat?   Who dat?  Who dat up there?  Who’s dat down there?  Dat’s Drew Brees, baby!  Dat’s Reggie Bush!  I’ve been a Saints fan all my life.  Due respect to Gang Green, and I get it: living in Jersey is like a personal Katrina, but it’s New Orleans, baby, Super Bowl, Creole style!  Go Saints!”

Yup, I'll be cheering for 'em.

So jump on, folks.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go Twitter this blog post.  I’ve always twittered.  Always.  Seriously.


One Response to “Underrated: ‘bandwagons’”

  1. alexandria Says:

    i think, dear sir, that you mean you have to go “tweet” this post, and have always “tweeted.” (or twatted, which is what i prefer to call the past tense.)


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