Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Let a ‘woo’ fly and pop the champagne, the year’s over!  Got any cool plans tonight?

They better have a laundry list of resolutions.

Not really, of course–  it’s February 1st.  But what if it was?  The way we view time and the calendar and words like ‘resolutions’ and ‘self improvement’ is pretty arbitrary anyway, and thus it seems like just yesterday I wrote this post on the day we’ve all decided to call New Year’s.  But New Year’s can be anytime; to my father it’s always been the day after Labor Day, the day you take the slow ferry back from the Island to reality (admittedly, a place I try to spend as little time as possible) and start the work to return in 11 months.

Never a bad plan, no matter what the month.

So, a little experiment:  We’re now one-twelfth over with this first year of the decade.  Which resolutions have you kept?  (Going to the gym more often, blogging nearly every day.)  Which have you let fall by the wayside?  (Still not making much progress with the ol’ ‘parlez-vous Francaise’.)  What are you doing differently this year?  (Trying to see where the day takes me.)  What are you not doing differently enough?  (The day often takes me to the bar.)  If this was truly the end of the year, what would you wish you had done?  (Run off to Paris, spent an afternoon walking in Central Park, committing six hours to the Italian miniseries The Best of Our Youth.) ‘Cause hey, you’ve still got another 11 months to do it!


4 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

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