“The World Series Shuffle?”

Well, it’s official:  God loves New Orleans.

Yup, New Orleans is back.

Not really, of course, or something–literally anything–would’ve been rebuilt by, yes, two Administrations right now.  But they won a damn good game, Prince Peyton was de-nied, Drew Brees is the new Kurt Warner, and ‘Who Dat?’ was heard throughout the land.

For anyone who regularly reads this blog, of course (and I’m told there are a few people…  right?  Hello?), you know I’m a baseball fan(atatic) foremost.  And it does bother me when fans of the gridiron complain that the pastoral, Whitmanesque sport of baseball is too slow:  For all the rough-and-tumble of football, each game has only about 11 minutes of action, according to The Wall Street Journal.  In our (yes, former) national pastime, you never know when a long ball is going to break out, or a pitchers’ duel develop.  And we all know chicks dig the pitchers’ duel.

But in recent years I have put aside my carping and come in to the fold on that most holy of America holidays, Super Sunday.  Perhaps it’s because as a nation we have so few of them anymore (Next up?  The Super Sunday of cinema, the Oscars.)  Perhaps because The Big Game is simply unavoidable.  Perhaps because in the past several years, the game has actually been damn good.

The Manning and Brees of the next super Sunday.

When I was a kid my memory harkens back to Super Bowl parties at my parents’ house that, while jam-packed with friends and crappy half-time shows, also featured total blow-outs and alcohol I wasn’t permitted to imbibe.  The last few years, on the other hand, have seen young Eli Manning fulfilling his destiny and spoiling the ‘we’re-not-taping-this, really-we’re-not’ Patriots perfection, or Big Ben silencing his critics.  Perhaps it’s because as of late my beloved baseball has managed to stink up the joint in spectacular ways.

And I do give the NFL credit:  They have an honest-to-God commissioner, not a bozo; though the Dallas Cowboys may take offense, the NFL doesn’t have a New York Yankees; they have even truer parity than MLB, and have achieved it less randomly; and they truly have turned the Super Bowl into an event.  I watch the World Series no matter who plays, logging innings at home and in bars, but am always surprised at how few baseball fans do.  It’s not often I agree with the devil himself, Mr. Scott Boras, but he has some thoughts (read ’em here) on turning the World Series into a kind of mini-Super Bowl, and they’re not have bad, as clearly something needs to be done.  At the very least, that may one day create a World Series Shuffle.

Hi, I'm an absolute tool.

So while I’m not about to start watching the primetime, televised NFL draft, I’ve developed an appreciation for the game, and it was certainly fun watching the New Orleans Saints and Captain America Drew Brees tear apart the House of Manning.  But the best thing about the Super Bowl?  Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in two weeks.

If you’ve never seen it, here’s the late, great George Carlin on baseball vs. football.


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