All we need is a parade

It's a kind of magic.

One day (not today, not tomorrow, but one day) I want to participate in the making of movies.  If you read this blog it’ll come as no surprise that we here at This Way to the Egress love movies, and one day, as a writer, an actor, a producer, a director, I want to contribute to the movies.

Which is why I just walked over to the electric paper-shredder and fed the beast a script.

Since I’m going on a trip soon, I decided to clean up the ol’ area, throw away, reevaluate.  There’s something liberating, in the sheer destruction, of not recycling paper, not dumping it a trash can, but feeding it into a shredder.  As I watched page after page of ‘cut-into-scenes’ dialogue and ‘keep-it-terse’ stage description get hacked away, yes I did naturally think of the lost hours on this project.  It was always someone else’s baby, really, and it resulted in frustrated drafts, imprecise words, e-mails and dodged phone calls about how to fix the structure.  It gained a silly nickname amongst a few friends.  It became a writing albatross, and after a few moments of shredding the feelings of lost manpower gave way to a feeling of freedom:  I could start anew, write something better, something for the movies!

Some days you feed the best, some days it feeds you.

Writing is a daily battle, sometimes a losing one in what the great William Goldman terms ‘The Pit.’  And it’s important to take the long view and appreciate small moments and not indulge in clichés.  Now, I do have a ton of confetti…

"Alfredo! Alfredo!" The goal.


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