Alright, fine, you’re on to us:  Oftentimes we here at This Way to the Egress are egregiously makin’ shit(e) up when we say we’re doing series or continued examinations.  But when it comes to viewing resolutions and the end-of-months in this still-new year, we’re quite, unexpectedly serious.  The first post is here; the second here.

I was never any good at fractions at all (one of my many problems with math is there’s always an absolute right answer; another is that most of the math any reasonable adult needs in a lifetime is contained in a little calculator) but all of a sudden we’re 2 / 12th(s?) through the year.  Holy shit, it’s March!

You just know March madness is gonna preempt "Gary Unmarried," damn it.

Now, the very name of the month brings connotations of basketball madness and the forthcoming Oscars and spring and with it spring training and all sorts of good things (I mean, to have survived snow upon snow upon snow–  what’s the old saying?  March comes in like a Gryffindor lion?) but it also means we’re 10 months from next year.

Before you panic, 10 months is, of course, a long time:  You can have a child or win the World Series or invade a country or even fall in and out and in again with love.  But what about those long-forgotten resolutions?  Are we losing weight and going to the gym and brunching more and seeing old friends and calling even older relatives?  Maybe, but more likely, like me, you’ve done a few and seen others be replaced by…  well, life.

In like a...

‘Cause that’s the thing, isn’t it?  We establish arbitrary deadlines like New Year’s Day and 12-months-in-a-year and 24-hours-in-a-day, but then, for better or for ill, life intervenes…  it presents dazzling new opportunities we’d never thought we’d see, as well as daily chores like laundry and eating more vegetables that we can’t escape.  And there’s something both maddening and comforting in that.  And as you flip by the month that’s just passed in a calender, a simple thing like getting the movies or having a glass of wine and listening to a tune with someone you like seems, suddenly, a bigger accomplishment.

10 months left.  Still plenty of time to do the big things, of course.  Also plenty of time to do the equally important little things.

Out like a...


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