(500) Days, (0) Nominations

We’re heading rapidly towards This Way to the Egress’ annual year-end movie wrap-up, as well as our annual Oscar post.  And while we all know that, frankly, the Oscars are all political B.S. (here’s the Times‘ Manohla Dargis’ famous F.U. to Hollywood), it can still irk where a favorite flick doesn’t received a nomination.  So:

Yes, you ought to Netflix it.

Maybe it’s the pretentious parenthesis in the title.

But in this year of 10 Best Picture nominations (including one, improbably, for the past year’s Sandra Bullock flick, All About Steve) a terrific little flick was overlooked:  Fox Searchlight’s (500) Days of Summer.  Some have quibbled with the kind-of cheesy ending, some have quibbled with it’s over-cuteness, but to my mind the flick, written by the relatively new team of Scott Neustatder and Michael H. Weber (who also wrote the Pink Panther reboot sequel, but let’s skip that) and helmed by music video director (and soon-to-be Spiderman reboot director) Marc Webb was fresh, imaginative, engaging and other positive adjectives.  Frankly, I thought it was one of the more enjoyable and well-told flicks of the year, and perhaps deserved a Best 10 slot over, say, the also-enjoyable but not nearly as inventive An Education.

But instead, it got bupkus.  Zero nominations, not for the winning Joseph Gordon-Levitt (if you haven’t seen him pratfall through SNL, it’s worth it) or the always-lovely Zoey Deschanel, or, more criminally, for the writers.  But:

You'll love it. Or you'll hate it. It's That Movie.

Webb directed a really cool, fun video with his two stars to a track from Deschanel and M. Ward’s underrated CD, She & Him.   It’s a mini-flick on its own, and it’s right here.  Check it out.

Also, the (500) Days soundtrack is quite good, too.


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