True Story (Part II)

Here’s another true story.  The first one is here.

Come fly with me...

True story:  The other day I was on an airplane.  Through absolutely no doing of my own I had been bumped up to first class, and let me tell you, life’s better up there:  Good lentil soup, free red wine, the absolutely, well, fantastic Fantastic Mr. Fox on the screen, and a warm cookie for landing.  Ah, unearned privilege!

I was wearing a fresh pair of khakis and an untucked blue polo shirt from Brooks Brothers (it doesn’t get more unhip than that!), sported a short, spiffy new haircut and a deep tan, and during the course of the flight got chatting with one of the stewardesses female flight attendants about my recent skydiving adventure.  She was very pretty, perky, good smile, mid-to-late-thirties, and there was some harmless banter.  I exhorted to give skydiving a whirl.

As I disembarked we had a final little exchange, and moments later my father told me had overheard this conversation about me as he disembarked:

Let's all fly away...


STEWARDESS NUMBER TWO.  Eh, he’s alright.

That’s life, isn’t it,  right there?  True story, by the way.


3 Responses to “True Story (Part II)”

  1. patricia harrington schreiber Says:

    thanks dad for bursting the bubble!!!!

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