“Let Obama Be Obama”

We here are This Way to the Egress don’t generally write about politics, though we have before.  And there’s good reason for this:  We want everyone (even you, nutty Tea Party-ers!  We drink tea!  Early grey, hot, Captain Picard!  Shit, I’ve lost you!) to enjoy the blog.  But there are some moments where politics is inescapable.  Even if typing about it here is a poor idea.

I don’t know how closely you follow the news cycle (sounds much better than “news,” doesn’t it?), if you read newspapers (on your fancy-schmancy iPad) or watch ABC’s World News Tonight with the woman who’s married to one of the most brilliant directors ever, but Congress recently passed something called ‘health care reform,’ and, really, it’s kind of a big fucking deal.

Now, for the purposes of this post, we’re not really going to discuss the United States Congress, an institution whose sole function at this point seems to be to make the, say, New York Metropolitan ball club look like masters of their fate, or ‘health care reform,’ because that’s a policy discussion and zzz–  sorry, I just fell asleep.

No, we’re going to discuss the dude who spearheaded it, who instantly vaulted over every President since LBJ on the ‘passing important domestic legislation list’ (don’t forget the actually-doing-good stimulus bill!), our President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

And what I’d like to say is this:  “Let Obama Be Obama.”

That, of course, is cribbed from one Mr. Aaron Sorkin and NBC’s winner-of-every-television-award-available, The West Wing.  And the reason it’s necessary to remind everyone–  the citizenry, his own party, hell, even the not-so-loyal opposition– to “Let Obama Be Obama” is that even though the guy took a long-shot campaign, defeated a tested veteran (kudos, Secretary Clinton) and handled a huge scandal with aplomb (remember this speech?), he still gets, to use his predecessor’s phrase, ‘misunderestimated.’

There was the summer of ‘death panels’ and Sarah Palin’s Facebook page and Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa!  There’s been the left’s panic over losing the public option!  There’s been the right’s question-and-answer Parliamentarian session, in which they offered their own plan in four pages!  (Four pages for one of the most clusterfucked of issues?!)  There was the death of Senator Ted Kennedy (Um, cirrhosis of the liver, anyone?) and the improbable election of Senator Scott Brown (Um, Glenn Beck and ‘dead intern,’ anyone?)!  And, of course, there’s been the Tea Party, which you literally couldn’t make up if you tried.  (Favorite quote?  “Get your government hands off my Medicare!”)

And through it all has been the steady, pragmatic, reasoning voice of one President Obama.  Yes, maybe he should’ve gotten engaged sooner.  Yes, maybe he can be a tad too cerebral.  Yes, maybe he could show a bit more moxie.

But guess what?  He did it.  He passed big fucking domestic legislation, which Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter and Ford all failed to do.  (The only thing comparable is Reagan’s tax cuts, but those are tax cuts.  My dog Goomba could pass tax cuts.  My dog Tucket, not so much.)  And he did it by doing it Frank Sinatra’s way, which is to say his way.

A day or two ago I went online and donated $5.00 to the President’s ‘Organizing for America,’ and it felt a little like the campaign:  Fired up, ready to go! And while the old adage that ‘you campaign in poetry and govern in prose’ certainly endures, sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves that he needs us as much now as he needed us during the campaign, that it’s our Presidency, too.  (For my donation they’re sending me the cool bumper sticker below, ‘I Stand With the President.’  Because I do.  You can get one here.)

So, a little over a year into his presidency, and we’ve got the good (health care legislation, the stimulus bill, the Nobel Peace Prize), the bad (Guantanamo should’ve been closed by now), and the we’re-working-on-it (creating jobs, ending ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’).  Maybe in two and a half years the American people will decide, hey, this has been an interesting experiment, but we like the Mormon guy who was for health care before he was against it and who once tied his dog to the roof of his car.  (My guess is it’ll be more like, Wow, Mr. President, for a modern day President you’ve accomplished an awful lot, here’s four more years, please.)  But until then, let’s “Let Obama Be Obama,” okay?  Because things seem to ultimately work out when we do.


One Response to ““Let Obama Be Obama””

  1. wal lesnevich Says:

    how right you are! and the leading republican contender to run against Obama is ???? and how about that arms coontrol treaty!!!!

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