True Story (Part III)

True story.  (Prior ones are here and here.)

The other night I was waiting online, with my folks, to enter a Broadway theater.  The clock was getting close to 8 pm, the crowd was abuzz–  it was a very New York moment.  And in the line ahead of us were a gaggle of teenage girls, probably from Iowa or Ohio, and one of them asked me, “Have you seen Tyra Banks?”

Okay, I get why she's famous.

Now, I’m not sure why she picked me, or whether she was talking about the person or the TV show.  I simply answered, “No.” and then added, as if I cared, “…  Why?  Is she here?”

By now her friends had joined her, and she asked me, probably surmising I was a hip, cool dude who lived in NYC and only getting it half-right, if I had ever met anyone famous.  (Oh, our celebrity-driven world!)

Rummaging through the dustbin of my memory, I came up with perhaps the most famous person I’d ever personally met.

Call your agent, now.

“Sure, in fact, I once met Al Pacino,” I said.

“Who’s he?”

True story.


5 Responses to “True Story (Part III)”

  1. The Rabbi Says:

    I’d say Idaho. Iowans are more tuned in than that.

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