Fool’s Day

Look at the calendar, please.

Happy April Fool’s Day! from This Way to the Egress.  Yes, a good part of this post was a hoax.

What wasn’t a hoax:  Yes, I really did have a telephone conversation with Ebony (yup, still her real name) from Playboy Casting.

What was a hoax:  People, I’m not doing it!

Just a little April 1st fun.  Not quite as up there as inventing an island or changing your name, but we do what we can.

Another April 1st story, courtesy of my father on a dear, close late friend who excelled at practical jokes:  “…  The best practical joke I ever heard of was the one he played at Weeks Petroleum.  Weeks had petroleum exploration interests all over the world, including numerous ones in the straights of Arabia on islands close to Iran.  At that time, believe or not, that area was very volatile and ownership of the huge oil interests were frequently in contention.  On April 1 he sent out a telegram to the staff at Weeks’ headquarters ostensibly from the Weeks’ representative on one of these small oil islands.  It said: This morning at 0800 hours the Navy of his imperial majesty the Shah of Iran arrived in hover craft, captured this island in the name of his majesty and are holding us in confinement.  Please advise! All hell broke loose at Weeks.   Mr. Weeks, a representative of the State Department, and all staff and officers were called in immediately.  he went into the boardroom to explain what day it was!”

I can’t imagine anyone perpetrating a better April 1st joke.

The greatest of April Fool's hoaxes.

Here’s what’s not an April Fool’s joke:  Where the hell did March go, people?  This is the fourth third post in a continuing series in which we look at the year, and the unending march of time.  (Yea!)  The prior posts: JanuaryFebruary and March.  (We here at This Way to the Egress missed March because we were drunk in Key West.)

Oh, right, Key West and Aruba and typing–  that’s where it went.

Happy April Fool’s Day!  Happy Passover!  Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  Happy Baseball!  Happy Everything!


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