True Story (IV)

The True Story series has been a hit here at This Way to the Egress!  (I’ve decided it’s a hit!)  Previous True Stories:  I, II and III.

True story:

A few weekends ago I went to my alma mater, Tenafly High School, and took in their tremendous production of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes.  In fact, through circumstances of life I went both Thursday and Saturday nights, and was damn pleased I did.

Cut to:  Several days or so later I was downtown at the local bookstore, when behind the counter was one of the actresses in the show.  This particular actress (a high school senior, I later learned) played Bonnie, the gal sidekick to the gangster Moonface Martin, with whom she had excellent comedic chemistry, and I told her I thought so.

“Thank you,” she replied.”  “Yes, I actually wound up seeing the show twice…  really superb production.”

“Thanks.  Do you have kids in the school?”

I clutched my heart and staggered away, as her colleague laughed at my horror.  “Kids in the school?” I said as I recoiled.  “Kids in the school?  Just how old do you think I am?”  Wait, don’t answer that.

True story.

So you're saying there'll be no auditioning for '90210'?


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