“Next stop, normal life.”

Moi? A snob?

I am not, generally speaking, a man of the people.  And I am more than a little directionally challenged.

For most of you who read this blog, this should come as no surprise.  I own pants embroidered with little martinis.  I enjoy swilling chardonnay on Nantucket in August.  I know the lyrics to a great many Cole Porter tunes.

I am a snob.

Not being a man of the people comes with a great many disadvantages.  One of them was my unwillingness to drink beer, and I write ‘was’ as I’ve rectified that–  I now drink delicious ales, such as Blue Moon, Hoegaarden and the only-in-Aruba Amstel Bright.  Another ‘regular joe’ thing I’m trying to lately is enjoy public transportation.

And thus it was how on Friday I found myself taking a bus from Joisey to the city, and then a subway to Brooklyn.

The last time I took a subway to Brooklyn, it was quite accidental.  I was meeting a friend for a nosh on Bedford Street, and decided I would sportingly take the subway as opposed to a taxi.  “Fine, I thought,” to myself.  “Self, I’ll take the subway to Bedford Street!”  Only when I got out at Bedford Street I couldn’t find the damn restaurant.  It had moved!  In fact, there was no correct address at at all to be found.  Huh?  Oh, right:  I was meeting a friend for a nosh on Bedford Street in the Village, and I had taken the subway to Brooklyn.  Whoops.

Seriously, I am a simple, regular dude.

So imagine my delight on Friday when I took a bus (the guy next to me seemed not to realize that you can purchase headphones for cell phones that play music, but, no matter;  he had his tunes and I had The Times) to the Port Authority, took a subway train several stops and transferred to a second subway train, all with no problems whatsoever.  In fact, on the second subway train there was even a wonderful four guy a capella group who provided musical accompaniment for my triumphal public transportation exploits!

And then I got off in Brooklyn and promptly walked five blocks the wrong way on Clinton Street.

Wait, why are you laughing?


3 Responses to ““Next stop, normal life.””

  1. Diane Says:

    Not only did you take the subway, but you took it all the way out to little ol’ Brooklyn, no less! How very ‘of the people’, Wally.
    I hope it wasn’t the directions ….

  2. Moo Jameson Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t ask me for directions.

  3. Elin Says:

    You lost me at Blue Moon being a delicious ale. Pretenders, both of you.

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