Two words: “Plastic. Bag.”

Who the hell is Ramin Bahrani?  I truly have no idea.  I’ve Googled him and IMDB-ed him and I still don’t know.  I’m about to follow him on Twitter, so that ought to clear things up.

And now he has a first look deal and an agent at Gersh.

But I know this:  If you see one short (18 minutes!) flick about a plastic bag voiced by Warner Herzog this year, it ought to be this one.  I mean, it’s actually a pretty good lesson in film, economy of scale, writing, editing–  it’s kind of brilliant, people!  (A digression, which we do here:  Caught HBO’s equally brilliant though very different Treme pilot the other night, and The Times had an interview with David Simon recently, and in addition to being a good read, it offered this choice excerpt:

The most memorable note [Treme co-creator Eric] Overmyer ever received was from an executive very high up at a network. “She said, ‘They’re being so unpleasant with each other.’ And I said: ‘Well, that’s drama. That’s conflict.’ And she actually said, ‘Could we have the drama . . . without the conflict?’ ”

Plastic Bag:  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel the conflict.


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