Inside Baseball

With deep-seeded apologies to Mr. George Vecsey:

Um, how come you do better with a Montreal-sized payroll?

They’re 2 and 6.  Is it time to abandon hope?

Being a fan of the New York Metropolitans is, it seems, a lot like being in love:  It’s irrational!  It’s tap-dancing on air!  It’s moping in the valley of hell!  It’s a wild emotional roller-coaster ride that you take knowing full well you probably shouldn’t.

And thus it was how I found myself up late last night, past my bedtime, blowing my scheduled AM trip to the gym, sneaking a little dark chocolate leftover from Easter (shh!) and a drop of whiskey (shh!), cheering alone when they scratched out the tying run in the ninth (when was the last time  they did that?!), switching off the TV in disgust when Chris Iannetta (the very player responsible for the Mets tying it–  ya gotta love this game!) swatted a walk-off walk for Colorado.

Let him manage?

And that was the day after I sat in a too-cool sports bar in Tribeca, with a good friend, a fellow fan of the Amazin’s, and watched John Maine get shelled for 8 runs on 74 pitches in three innings.  (Current ERA:  13.50.  Amazin’ indeed.)

On good ol’  “The New York Mets clearly don’t have enough talent to compete in the National League East,” writes Adam Rubin.  Well, not to get all Omar Minaya on you, Mr. Rubin, but, ya think?  Ya think?  How about penning a piece on some other earth-shattering baseball news, like, say, how the tying of the All-star Game outcome to home-field advantage of the World Series is really stupid, and then we’ll talk?

154 games to go!

Sorry, love makes you cranky sometimes.

And that’s the thing:  It’s love, the “Metsies” are my team, they’re my history, they’re countless innings logged, trips to Sheas old and new, hours upon hour with The Murph and Gary, Keith and Ron.  You don’t walk away from the team you’ve been brought up with, the team you love.

So what’s to be done?  Scratch Maine’s next start (maybe), call up Ike Davis (maybe), fire Manuel (has to happen).

The truth?  I don’t know.  No one expected the Mets to be playing meaningful games in, say, September, but it’s April.  There’s 154 games left.  Something has to be done!  I mean, if Citi Bank can get a bailout, surely the denizens and faithful of Citi Field can too, right?

Or maybe the guy on the right wants to manage?

In the meantime…  I’ll be over here, tuning in to “Big Pelf’s” start tonight, moaning about how hard it is to be in love.


3 Responses to “Inside Baseball”

  1. Tommy Says:

    You could of course find a better past time. Music perhaps. Then you’re heroes can only do one of two things; go soft with success or age and write crap or, like so many greats, simply die way before their time and leave you pining for more…

  2. Elin Says:

    Day game at Coors Field today. I’m going to try to escape to see some of the game in person, but, if not, I’ll be pretending to work while watching the game on the big screen, clearly visable from my desk! Go Mets!

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