I’m sorry, how freaking much was your production budget?!

This is a review of the flick Breaking Upwards, directed by Daryl Wein, with typing by Mr. Wein and his significant other Zoe Lister Jones (along with some dude they probably had a threesome with, Peter Duchnan), and featuring the lovely couple, who are also responsible for aspects of production, editing, tune-writing and catering.  Whoa.

They're a couple in real life and reel life. Get it? Get it?

Recently I saw a new flick.  So, no big deal, I see new flicks all the time, because I don’t know how to read I love the movies!  But wait, this new flick wasn’t in a cinema, or even at a festival; it was in two theaters and in my living room, thanks to video-on-demand.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here, and sadly, my living room doesn’t have ushers.  Yes, I can eat a grilled cheese sandwich while I watch the flick, but I can also field cell phone calls, so…  I know this is the future, but am I the last person who truly relishes the cinema-going experience?

On the other hand, thanks to on-demanding programming like IFC in Theaters (a real misnomer: it should be called IFC on your Sofa, if you live in, say, I don’t know, any city outside of NYC and LA (and why would you, people?!  Paris, you guys get a pass!), you can now see the cool, hip, festival flicks that pretentious assholes in NYC and LA are seeing.

No, not here...

One of those is the new ultra-indie flick Breaking Upwards, which, if you believe the press, costs $15,000.  $15,000.  The make-up budget for one Klingon in the Star Trek reboot.  The amount Harvey Weinstein spent at The Monkey Bar last night.  $15,000–  I mean, seriously, I spent that on a play that ran for two weeks!  (Though, to be fair, our main set piece was dirty.  Seriously.)

Now, you might think to yourself, Complete unknowns making a low-budget flick on $15,000?  Um, I’ll catch that during my root canal recuperation. But, it’s good.  Really good.  Not the greatest little romantic dramedy, James L. Brooks-thing ever made, but it’s not mumblecore, either; it possesses a smart script with an actual story and arc that has genuinely funny moments and endearing moments and some insights about modern relationships (who doesn’t need those insights?), and features stellar performances by the terrific characters actors and theatre stalwarts Julia White, Peter Friedman and Andrea Martin.

And you can watch it in your boxer shorts, drinking whiskey.  Wondering how the hell they made it for $15,000.


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