Way Inside Baseball

We here at This Way to the Egress are in full-on baseball season mode, and not a moment too soon!  (Something has to fill the void.)  There are epic, 20 inning games during which broadcasters are so damn dedicated they don’t leave the booth to do anything and the arrival of prodigies who get hit with delicious pies and even the diary of baseball’s most iconic mascot, one Mr. Met.

So was not suprising when, the other night, following a Mets loss (record: a somehow vaguely respectable 5 and 8), we found ourselves reading the official 2010 Mets yearbook.

What was surprising was what we learned:

He better not be a Yankees fan.

There should be a team outing on an off-Monday-night to the forthcoming Broadway revival of August Wilson’s Fences:  7 players either choose Denzel Washington as their favorite actor or one of his flicks as their favorite movies (Johan Santana did both, as he apparently loved John Q. Who knew?)

All salsa, all the time:  While the Metropolitans may have the most players from outside the U.S. (with 17 countries and P.R. represented), it’s Latin music that dominates the clubhouse: 5 players choose that, specifying Marc Anthony and Ruben Blades.

Come to Citi Field, Sandy!

Screw Jesse James:  2 players went for the newly-single, Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock.

And perhaps the most surprising?  The new addition, longtime Japanese league pitcher Ryota Igarishi loves The Usual Suspects, Megan Fox, and Robert DeNiro.

I sincerely hope this information helps you enjoy the next 149 games.

Um, how do you feel about Japanese relief pitchers?


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