Some days the weather doesn’t matter.  Some days it does.

What is it about a rainy Sunday?  What is it that makes us want to sleep later than we should?  Makes us want to blow off the gym, forgo e-mail for a good book, perhaps watch a flick from the Tribeca Film Festival right at home?  Do some cooking and listen to ‘The Sunday Show‘?  Press play on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on the iTunes, and read The Times?  Or maybe just listen to Bobby Darin’s New York on Sunday or, yes, I’ll admit it, Keith Urban’s Raining on Sunday?

There’s something about a rainy off-day in the middle of a season that starts to peek at summer.  Of course we hope the suddenly-red-hot, break-up-the-ballculb! Metropolitans will get in their national showcase (and, yes, best of the week web gems!) but there’s something about a perfectly lazy, empty, even lonely rainy Sunday that works.  Maybe it makes one want to shut the computer and go turn the ol’ ham bone in the fridge into soup.


2 Responses to “Droplets”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    I like quiet rainy Sunday! I clean on Sunday and watch Judge Judy. …shut up it’s awesome.

    You should come into the city one of these Sundays. I have a great little diner nearby that has AWESOME brunch. ❤

  2. It’s Raining Dogs and Dogs « Wally's Blog Says:

    […] A friend of the blog likes to tease me that I enjoy starting posts with, “What is about a rainy afternoon?“ […]

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