The Me Award

Tonight I will be attending the annual Saul A. Tischler Award dinner, as this year’s recipient is my friend and yours, Michael J. ‘Papa Bear’ Stanton.  The Tischler Award (as if you didn’t know) is, of course, bestowed by the Tischler Award Committee of the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association.  (Phew.)  Since one need not be a lawyer to be awarded the prestigious Tischler, I have campaigned several times for this award (direct mail, replete with a slogan: ‘One Drink, One Wally, One Tischler’).  And while I have never received the oh-so-elusive Tischler, the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the New Jersey State BarAssociation did establish an award named after me, ‘The Wally Award,’ given annually to a practicing New Jersey family lawyer, at its yearly convention.  Just last month I was in beautiful, sunny Aruba to bestow my namesake award on the very deserving Lisa Steirman, Esq. (Each award winner gets a autographed, framed headshot for their office.  While I present the award, I do not designate the winner.  For more on qualifications and past history of The Wally Award, click here.)  Below is an essay I wrote on my award several years ago, when it was inaugurated.  Thank you and goodnight!

The Inaugural Me Award

It is very humbling to have an award named after you.

That, of course, is a lie.  A lie that anyone who has an award named after them (and I’m quite sure you haven’t) is required, by the committees who designs such rules, to propagate.  Humbling is not snagging a second date, losing your line of credit, coming to the realization that no, you’ll never drive a walk-off home-run out of Shea Stadium— all things that have happened to me.

Having an award named after you is not humbling.  It is freaking awesome.

The Family Law Section of the State Bar of New Jersey is exactly who they claim to be: Divorce lawyers from the Garden State.  I’d like to be able to report to you how many members they currently have, but their not-terribly-informative website has a rather peevish “Terms of Use and Disclaimer”.  Of course they do.

WAIT, WHERE THE HELL’S THE REST OF THE ESSAY? E-mail Wally @ for the whole damn story–  and why.


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