Tribeca / Tenafly Film Festival

This is a review of the new British flick My Last Five Girlfriends, with Julian Kemp doing both the helming and the adapting, from a novel by Alain de Botton.

Recently I went to the Tribeca Film Festival.  Ah yes, New York City in the spring!  A hip downtown neighborhood!  The wafting smells of pretzel vendors, policemen on horses, and the tree-lined streets!

Except, of course, for none of that at all, as the Tribeca Film Festival came to me.

Through the good people at On Demand, I paid $6.49 to see the new British rom-com My Last Five Girlfriends, made by and starring people I had absolutely never heard of.  The flick itself, frankly, is almost beside the point; there were others I could’ve streamed directly across the river, into the suburbs.  I’ll say this:  It’s a relatively charming, easy-peasy, not working too hard yet sometimes too gimmicky rom-com that reminded me how much I love this flick.  But if you’re someone who enjoys a quirky rom-com without thinking they’re cloying (and I do love a well-made entry in this genre), it’s worth seeking out.

And here’s the point, of course:  It’s easy to seek out.  You can stream it!  You can save it in your Netflix queue!  You can do what I absolutely love to do, to actually go to the theater, but it’s slowly being replaced, and I wonder what we all loose.

Sure, I caught a flick I might not have caught otherwise, but there’s cooking and e-mails and life going on as I watch.  Yes, I don’t have to do the annoying stuff like parking and worrying about the time and even, you know, showering, but you also lose that wonderful, communal excitement:  You sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers, you hold your popcorn, the lights go dark, and you think, Hey, what kind of ride are we in for this time?

Only this time you’re sitting in your kitchen.  I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

Soon, everyone will have a film festival!


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