Shh, Don’t Tell Anyone

Writing is (as if you haven’t heard this before) hard.  Writing anything is hard (except that last sentence, that was damn easy).  An essay, a blog, a letter to a friend that means something…  a pilot for an idea for a TV show you have, a screenplay that simply can’t be nudged past page 50 (these are, of course, hypothetical examples).  To paraphrase the immortal William Goldman, “It’s better than a day at the brick factory,” but still, a day in The Pit, typing, and re-typing, is hard.  And I’ve written before about little rituals I have as an alleged writer.


So here’s a little secret, something I do, and no it’s not spicing up the tea with whiskey (that’s not a secret).

Desk karaoke.

People, desk karaoke!  Get behind this concept.  Shut the door, launch the iTunes, plug in the ear buds, and belt aloud to some Thunder Road or Sondheim or whatever the hell will put you in the mood to be, as Jack Warner once called writers, “schmucks with Underwoods.”

Then, type.

Desk karaoke.  Try it right now.  And shh, don’t tell anyone.


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