“There is no off position on the genius switch.” (VI)

True story, which I was reminded about last night by friend of the blog Mr. Michael R. Mildner, Esq.:

Some years ago I was living in La-La-Land, moving blithely and glibly through life as is my wont, entertaining school children on a daily basis, when I went out for a night on the town with a good friend and his then-lady friend for the evening.

"Who stole my pants?"

Now, there is scarcely anything more enjoyable on this blue marble than meeting new people who you hit it off with, and I thought I was getting along very well with my pal’s pal, and we would all be smashing friends.  That night, as I recall, there was the symphony,  dinner at a favorite haunt, much wine and laughter and good times.  And I thought the evening ended with me having made a rather favorable impression.

Well, the next day, when I was just chatting with my friend in a coffee shop we used to spend w-a-y too much time in avoiding typing, he innocuously mentioned a comment his lady-friend made:  “Is that guy always on?”

“Is that guy always on?”  I flew off the handle.  I went apoplectic.  I went berserk.  “Is that guy always on?”  Puh-lease.  I told my pal to ask her, “Is that girl always off?”

True story.

I couldn't think of any pictures for this post, so I thought you'd enjoy this classic shot from my high school days.

If you recognize the title from the production company of a certain late-night host’s talk show, well, than you’ve got good comedy taste.


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