Sometimes You Just Need To Be Silly

One of the (terrific) ways writing a brog–  er, sorry, blog is like life is that, really, there are no rules.  We may impose fake rules, ideologies, arbitrary guidelines, but truly, there are no real rules.  And so, borne out of a few Cinco de Mayo beers with friends old and new comes the following preview:


20th Century Fox is pleased to announce production of an all-new musical adventure for the entire family!  From the Emmy-award winning claymation studios of Will Vinton (creator of the world-famous California Raisins), and featuring the musical stylings of Victor Borge and The Muppets Orchestra, comes:

FARTICHOKES:  The Musical! The world’s first musical about farting artichokes.

Prototype design, all rights reserved

Meet this precious family of flowerbuds:  Mother Sally, Father Bruce, Son Stephen and kid sister Stacie.  They’re delicious, wonderful, edible, kind artichokes, with one tiny gaseous problem…  they can’t stop farting.

Follow the scent of their new adventures as they move to Veggie Land!  Get caught up in the danger as they do battle with the evil overload Broccolini!  Experience the passion as Stacie falls for the little radish down the road, Ricky!  And plug your ears and hold your nose as the entire family has to deal with a nutritious vegetable’s dreaded curse…  flying flatulence!

Cute singing, dancing, farting claymated artichokes!  Here’s an excerpt from their splashy opening number, ‘My Leaf’s Over There’:

What do we smell, way over there? / Why there’s something stinky, floating in the air! / Whatever you do, don’t let the scent get in your hair. / The truth is gas can give you quite a scare. / We’re a family of fartichokes / Yes, that’s right, farting artichokes! / And it’s very hard to control your leafs when the gas keeps coming / It brings us grief / So please forgive the stench of the air / Oh my goodness, my leaf’s over there!

Now imagine hands and feet. And gas.

FARTICHOKES: The Musical!  You’ll smell the appeal.


One Response to “Sometimes You Just Need To Be Silly”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    In the much-acclaimed sequel, the Fartichokes find religion and become the Martyrchokes. Then, the shocking discovery of Father Bruce’s bastard child, Ricky the radish (half fartichoke – now martyrchoke – half radish), lights Little Stacie’s farts on fire (consanguinity encouraged in this religion), but seriously ruins Father Bruce’s chances of running for Congress next term in Veggieland.

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