Things I Wonder About…

that admittedly aren’t significant enough to warrant their own blog posts:

Why isn’t there a ‘dislike’ option on Facebook?

What the fuck is Farmville?

Why do people care about this?

Is there a number of ‘friends’ at which your Facebook profile will, you know, simply explode?  And why aren’t some of these ‘friends’ called ‘acquaintances’?

Why do ESPN’s Sports Guy and underrated actor Craig Bierko tweet so damn much?

How the hell are Peter Berg and company going to make a movie out of the classic Milton Bradley game Battleship?

Why is the man on the right so angry?

Speaking of Milton Bradley, what the hell is the guy so angry about?

Are there ‘woo guys’?

Just who is Verlyn Klinkerborg, and how do I get to have his life?

How come so many people watch American Idol and Glee, but will not go to the theater?

When will Aaron Sorkin return to series television?

Is there even such a concept as ‘broadcast TV’ anymore?

Why isn’t NBC’s The Marriage Ref funnier?

Why is there no jazz in Utah?

How come when a sports franchise leaves a city, their name change isn’t mandatory?  (i.e., there were no trolley-dodgers in the early days of Los Angeles, nor very little jazz in Utah.)

Why does Google mail feel the need to remind me of ‘forever’ when it asks me if I want to delete spam?

When did I accidentally turn into Andy Rooney?

And:  Why am I writing this blog?


2 Responses to “Things I Wonder About…”

  1. Rock Solid Says:

    Don’t know what’s scarier, that I read through all of these questions, or that I may have a valid answer for everyone of them. Except maybe the last one. That’s a search for truth you need to take on your own, buddy.

  2. thiswaytotheegress Says:

    The first one’s scarier, friend.

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