God Bless former New York Mets All-Star second baseman Chico Escuela

Today I had originally planned to write about Olympic mascots (yes, you read that right).  But some things in life simply must be addressed:

It's September... go to sleep, go to sleep...

Why?  Life itself is infused with enough disappointments, enough shortcomings, enough moments that just simply don’t live up to the cinematic version we write in our mind.

So why do we add more?

We are talking about baseball, of course.  For the past two nights I’ve watched the New York Metropolitans take on first the Atlanta Braves and then the Washington Nationals—  two division rivals that spend far less and ought to be far below the Mets in the standings.

When I saw watched, I mean watched the whole game.  Wander into the house sometime around 6 pm, with groceries; pet the hordes of pooches; waste an checking e-mail, reading the paper; feed the hounds; prepare nutritious and delicious dinners; and enjoy life happening all around me.

And that includes Gary, Keith and Ron on SNY TV, because baseball itself is a glorious game to accompany on an average weeknight.  Wednesday night featured the return of a former player (Billy Wagner) and fantastic

The horror, the horror!

three-ball, two-strike confrontations, and last night’s game featured an Angel Pagan inside-the-ballpark-home-run! and a triple play.  Thrilling stuff!

So why do they end in pure agony?  On Wednesday night, in the 10th inning, after stranding the go-ahead run, David Wright chucked the ball away and with it the game; last night the bullpen game into an improbable two-two game (really, four runs between Livan Hernandez and R.A. Dickey?) and threw it away.

Watching a whole ball game over the course of an evening is a treat, a luxury, and I don’t need the Metsies to win every night–  we’re not Yankee fans.  But why must every damn evening end in head-in-hands despair?

Tonight I’m going to watch NBC’s comedies.

Hmm, I wonder how my friend Carlos Beltran is?

And yes, if you got the headline reference to SNL, well played–  on and off the diamond.


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