We’re a long way from the “Ocean’s” movies

This is a review of the current indie flick City Island, with typing and helming from Raymond De Felitta, and starring Andy Garcia.

One day we're going to make "Godfather 4". right? Right?

Apparently there is a small island in the Bronx, entitled, appropriately enough, City Island.  Apparently it is idyllic and yet blue-collar, and a wonderful place to make your home:  You’re close to the beach, you can smell the saltwater of a fishing village all while staring up at the twinkling, beckoning lights of Manhattan.

There’s only one problem with this place, in fact:  (Warning: indie spoiler alert!): Dad brings home a convict who’s his long-lost son!  Convict flirts with daughter, who’s– shh! –a stripper!  Mom’s convinced Dad’s having an affair when he’s really taking acting classes!  Mom makes out with convict, who’s her husband’s son!  Brother has a thing for fat women who cook on the Internet!  And everyone’s mean to each other!

Greek drama meets high opera, right City Island.

Thank goodness for that CBS paycheck.

Truth be told, there are some fine moments in this surprising indie hit, mainly thanks to the caliber of actors:  Julianna Marguiles, Emily Mortimer and a very funny Alan Arkin as an acting coach.   But the film never finds sure footing as a comedy or a drama, and one wishes there was, oh, two or three less believable strands of the plot in the writing.  (The subplot with the son in particular goes nowhere.)

City Island–  eh, not quite worth it when it’s so close to Manhattan.


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