Not Ms. Finn

Winter!  Spring!  And now…

What’s that you smelled all weekend?  No, it wasn’t exploding BBQ’s or spilled oil or even the hair gel wafting off the shore from America’s greatest actors, but the smell of summer–  of sunshine and ocean water and one-too-many bloody marys on the beach.  Yes, it’s the smell of June!

June?!  How the frick did it get to be June already?  Easter’s come and gone.  We’ve played two months of baseball.  And now Memorial Day, already, is in our rear view mirror.  Want to bet the summer will go damn quick?

There’s one month left until we’re halfway through 2010, friends.  Don’t let the ‘June gloom’ nab you–  this is that month to do whatever you’ve been putting off all year!  Or, you know, just crank up the Springsteen, grab a cold one, flop in the hammock, and chill.

If you get this title of this post, well, congratulations–  you’re a film snob like me.


One Response to “Not Ms. Finn”

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    […] past Memorial Day, so the summer is here.  It is perfectly permissable to have a dinner of only corn and tomatoes, to wear all […]

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