Roy Halladay got shelled the other day.

Think about that for a moment.  Roy Halladay, perhaps the finest non-phenom pitcher in the game today, a man who pitched baseball’s 20th perfect game recently and whose era is still a very respectable 2.36 after the shellacking, gave up six runs in six innings to those damn Yankees, who the next night couldn’t solve– and thus lost to– baseball’s only 47 year old wonder, Jamie Moyer.

Hello, I'm Jamie Moyer.

Help! Help! Hello... George?

And I think there’s great comfort in that.  No matter how hard we all try in our daily lives, we’re bound to fail more than succeed, and even the best of the best of us take a nosedive now and then.  Nathan Lane didn’t even get nominated for the Tony this year.  Jerry Seinfeld’s new TV show just isn’t that funny.  The William Goldman wrote Hearts in Atlantis.  And don’t even ask poor Robert Green.

I once read somewhere that Michelle Pfeiffer thinks about giving up acting every day.  Michelle Pfieffer!  Who’s better, who’s more beautiful?  It boggles the mere mortal’s mind.

I was also in a flick that went straight to DVD.

And here’s the reason Roy Halladay’s Roy Halladay:  After his thumping, he went and did his regular two hour, post-game workout.

I think sometimes it’s necessary to keep things like that in mind.


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