Uh, no, my name’s not Gordon Gekko. Nope.

This is a review of the independent film A Solitary Man, penned and helmed by Brian Koppelman and David Levien.  Some unknown actor named Michael Douglas leads an impressive cast.

How can you be a solitary man when you've got her waiting at home?

The other day I (a solitary man) caught the flick A Solitary Man.  Laying waste to the lie that Michael Douglas can’t act, created by Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and You, Me & Dupree, and likely to be seriously overshadowed by the forthcoming small art-house flick entitled Wall Street: Oliver Stone’s Too Big To Fail Money Never Sleeps, this terrific, well observed character film returns Douglas to the rarefied air of the unheralded Wonder Boys.

Perhaps an underrated actor?

I wound up falling for the film, and his character, even more than I thought I would, and what one digs so much is that Douglas– and, remarkably, the film– refuses to judge this later-middle-aged mess of a man.  Yes, he does things that’ll make you cringe–  heck, savvy city filmgoers seemed to almost cry out, “No!”– but they’re human mistakes, honest, blunt transgressions we all make as we navigate the tricky waters of romance, work and the middle class life.  Surrounded by a bevy of excellent female actresses (Susan Sarandon!  Mary-Louise Parker!  Jenna Fischer!), and featuring a nice turn by the green Danny DeVito (Douglas’ real-life friend and co-star; this represents a cinematic tip-of-the-hat to War of the Roses, Romancing the Stone and, yes, even Cuckoo’s Nest), this a wry, interesting flick that stumbles once or twice and yet is nonetheless to be seen, enjoyed, and savored.  And again, our protagonist does some bad things and no one calls the morality police.  Good luck finding that in, say, Knight & Day.

Hmm. Was the whole cast drunk?


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