GOAL. In the 91st minute!

I was working on a completely separate post on theater this morning when I headed out for the gym, timing my workout with most of today’s decisive Algeria / U.S.A. match.  It was still zero / zero (with the announcer commentating Team U.S.A. had “… played its best first half ever,” which, frankly, isn’t saying much) deep in the second half when I left the gym, and when I caught the match at the coffee shop, it was still tied, and I thought, Well, disappointing if we don’t advance, but Algeria’s a good team, and it’s been fun.  Damn disallowed goal! (Plus I don’t know those limey Brits had won.)

And then my sister called:  GOAL.  Goal!

Landon Donovan (of course it was him, he of the pre-W.C. fame!) in the 91st minute!  Huge is the only word I can think of.  Tremendous.  And it was a great match, wasn’t it, with so many near goals?  (And ,yes, another ‘phantom goal’.)

It’s the tension of football, isn’t it?  It’s the fact that we’ve been competitive with England, and, amazingly better then France (and without a handball).  It’s the fact that we know use terms like ‘handball’ and ‘stoppage time’ and ‘Petroria’.  Maybe it’s that there a so few moments in our fractured culture (a blog for ninjas who raise organic calfs?  sure.  a TV channel only for golf-playing stepchildren who are vegans?  why not?) that when we come together, like the Olympics, this World Cup has been so much fun!  Maybe it’s ESPN’s extraordinary coverage.  Maybe it’s the global game, and the maturing of USA soccer.  Maybe it’s the vuvuzelas.  (Or maybe not.)

I barely understand football.  We watch once every four years.  But this World Cup, with Americans coming together, with the nation being so diverse that is pisses off Arizona, has indeed been fun.  Whether it’s watching matches during prep time at the restaurant with the knowledgable wait staff, or discussing various teams with the workers at the cell phone store the other day or Landon Donovan overtaking Koman Coulibaly as the name I now think of when I think of the 2010 FIFA World Cup (or simply seeing fans in the stands today in South Africa, wearing Yankees hats and blue and red wigs and face paint, unfolding banners from Los Vegas), football has clearly gained a huge toehold in the States during this tournament.  And now we move forward, winning our group for the first time since 1930!  GOAL.


2 Responses to “GOAL.”

  1. Rebecca Royce Says:

    I have to say that I have gotten really into this and never that into Soccer before. But I think it might be because my son is playing now so I’m in soccer-mode. But I have to say GO USA. WOO HOO. Great blog!

  2. Spalding « Wally's Blog Says:

    […] Wally's Blog Just another WordPress.com weblog « GOAL. […]

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