It’s Always Ghana

I was more than a little irked to see England and Germany playing a match on the TV today.

Wait, the World Cup is still on?

What a ride it was!  Yesterday afternoon I settled in to the watch the USA / Ghana match (even flipping the TV away from SNY’s game; who would’ve thought we’d be watching football over baseball?!) with my father, and it was tense.  It was a nail-biter.  It was exhilarating (after Donovan scored on that penalty shot, I thought we had this).  And yes, it was disappointing.

But as sad as the inevitable end was– and I really thought, as Team USA continued their relentless attack, they we were going to pull of another miraculous come-from-behind-‘er– it wasn’t that disappointing.  Because it was a hell of a run.  It was Landon Donovan and Tim Howard and ‘control the ball’ and the much anticipated draw with England.  It was ‘disallowed goal’ and Koman Coulibaly becoming household names.  And it was the amazing g-o-a-l to beat Algeria!

And then, whoosh, startlingly, just like that, it was over–  just when we were understanding a little something about it, and enjoying everything about it.  And I’ll keep watching this great African World Cup, rooting on Ghana and glad Team USA outlasted the Italians and the French.

Four years feels like a while, but something tells me Team USA and its fans will be in Brazil.  Until then, we’ve got two things to do:  1.  Figure out how to stop giving up the first goal, always.  2.  Design a vuvuzela that blows The Star Spangled Banner.


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