Say it with me: Zamzar

There comes a time in a young man’s life (oh, let’s say 32) when he realizes he knows absolutely nothing about that dominant modus operandi of American life, computers.  Oh, he may think he knows things–  quite literally, as he uses the excellent Mac program Things as an organizer– but compared to today’s kids, those young whippersnappers who come out of the womb attached to their iPhones and Mac Books and gizmos he’s never  heard of; well, it’s a losing battle and he realizes he’s become Andy Rooney.

So it was a delightful surprise when a new young friend and colleague hipped me (that’s what the kids say) to the awesome web site Zamzar, which is for free online file conversion.

Zamzar: Why their logo is two lizards, I have no flipping idea.

Uh, for who’s-a-what’s-it?   Let’s put it this way:  You can easily turn those amazing YouTube clips of music into mp3s for your iTunes!  (Act now!)  You surf on over to You Tube, select some rare music performance (let’s go with this private footage of Arcade Fire performing a little tune called ‘Born in the USA’) and copy the URL (web address, apparently).  Then you surf to to, and, in step one, click on the URL link.  You paste said URL into the magic box, and for step two, switch the drop down list to the file you want to convert it to (duh, mp3), and, in step three, enter your e-mail address.  Step four is to click okay, and then, whoa:  Zamzar e-mails you a link to your converted file.  You surf to your e-mail in-box (give it a few minutes, it’s a series of tubes!) and click on the link to surf back to Zamzar, where you download your shiny, new mp3 file, which iTunes will then slip into your music library–  forever.

Wow.  Sure, it’s a lot of surfing, but suddenly you have a cool, unknown new soundtrack for your once-drab life, for no money down!  You can fill it with The Boss joining the Gaslight Anthem on ‘The 59 Sound’, or Josh Ritter covering ‘The River’, or this insane 1987 clip of Messrs. Springsteen, Simon and Joel performing ‘Glory Days‘.  (Or some non-Springsteen related tunes, though I’m not quite sure why you’d want to do that.)

Oh my God, now we've got live Arcade Fire in our iTunes!

Say it with me:  Zamzar.  Crank up the one-of-a-kind tune.  Those crazy kids today, they might be onto something.


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