A boss of mine contends that the summer is over in three days.

He holds that everything after July 4th blurs by so freaking fast, that three days from now is the last day of summer.

And he has a point.

I mean, here we are, six months, halfway through 2010?  What?  The year is halfway over?!  Hit panic with me, will ya?

Remember when we made resolutions?  Remember the plans you had when ’09 bit the dust–  the new habits, the dreams, the schemes on how this year would be different?  Well, we’re halfway through:  Have you held tight to any of ’em, or do the old rhythms inevitably overtake us?  Personally, new windows open, and just as often, many close–  some you’re okay with, and some you’re not.

I mean, I guess that’s the problem with resolutions–  life always finds a way to get in the way, for both good and bad, but it does.  So here we are, in summer.  Play hooky from school or work, take in a ballgame, light some fireworks, grab a cold beer and settle in with the ballgame.  2010’s halfway over–  and summer will be too, before you know it.

Regular readers of the blog know that when we can't find an appropriate graphic...

Addendum:  I was accused by a certain attorney of “phoning-this-in.”  July 1st, madras shorts, off to drink margaritas in Maine…  damn right.


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