The Beautiful Game

I am American, and so it came to pass that during yesterday’s World Cup finale I was not actually watching live; I was at Debits Field watching a certain N.Y. Metropolitan pitcher regain his form.

But I am also European (French, Italian, Russian, Polish, and these days, even a bit Irish), and so it came to pass that on the drive home from that beautiful ballpark in Queens I listened to something I’d never listened to before:  soccer football on the radio!

It was with a tinge of sadness this morning that I took down the handy, fold-out ESPN World Cup schedule that had been taped up next to my calendar.  If this was the World Cup in which American fans flocked to ‘the beautiful game,’ in record numbers, count me in.  I’ll miss now-familiar names like Donovan and Messi, Maradona and Altidor.  I’ll miss the tension that football brings with it, the gripping zero – zero tie that leads to minutes added.  I’ll miss Michael Bradley, and his supercharged enthusiasm.  I’ll miss the opening round, when it seemed like football was always on (’cause it was).  I’ll miss checking my FIFA app, and having the columns of George Vecsey from Arica as my guide.  (Part of all this missing, I think, comes from the sheer fact that the World Cup, like the Olympics, is on for so long and becomes part of one’s daily rhythms–  I mean, ‘Koman Coulibaly’ seems like forever ago!)   But mainly (and who would have thought a bunch of Yanks, in the appropriate sense of the word, would write this) I’ll miss watching soccer.

Wow.  I’ll even miss the vuvuzelas.

Thank goodness we’ve got the second half of the baseball season coming up, and Johan Santana has returned to form.


One Response to “The Beautiful Game”

  1. Elin Says:

    Follow Le Tour de France . . . it’ll keep your international sports theme going thru the end of July.

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