It’s Raining Dogs and Dogs


A friend of the blog likes to tease me that I enjoy starting posts with, “What is about a rainy afternoon?


But what is about rain that ’causes such haywire?  This morning in the Northeast was one of those funny, sunny July mornings (without the oppressive heat we’ve been having), and I was, for a change, up early (or at least, early enough).  And then, unexpectedly, the skies went dark (I was at the– ugh– gym, and it very much felt like a scene from Independence Day— “The aliens are here!”).  Then the crack of thunder, the flash of lightning, and something primal and thrilling about nature exhorting herself.


So what is about just simple rain?  Anytime I’ve been caught in a downpour in my life, I’ve always thought, Well, no big deal; I mean, I shower.  But I’ve also spent a good deal of time in Los Angeles, where rain is not mere rain, rain is RAIN:  Cancel the writing session, I’m not driving over the hills, people, it’s raining!


Here, where weather is a wee bit more prevalent (though I can’t help what think folks in, say, New Orleans would say about rain, after hurricanes and oil spills), I find people’s reactions to rain humorous, sometimes–  it’s just rain!  But I guess a lot of that depends upon what your mood is going into the rain; if it’s a troubling day, rain can actually cheer you up.  Sometimes you have to control the rain–  I remember being in the non-rainy, “happiest place on Earth” about six or seven years ago, and as we raced from the park in those ubiquitous yellow ponchos you are contractually obligated to wear, we wound up having a perfectly terrific long afternoon lunch in a famous hotel.  And of course whenever I was a kid on the Island, rain was the pits–  it meant shopping in town, which I abhor.  But as I’ve gotten older, rain– while not a warm, sunny beach day– means walking by the harbor, the opportunity to go out for a bowl of clam chowder, or just sit in an old beach house and read away the day.  (And of course as an adult, there’s something romantic about rain.  Just admit it.  Why do you think all movie clips about love take place in the rain?)

But rain in this season is usually (as today) accompanied by thunder, and thunder for the past 10 years has meant one thing:  The dog’s about to go nuts.  No, not nuts, absolutely batshit crazy.

For those who are somehow uninitiated, my folks have two wonderful dogs, 10 year old mutts from the same litter, big dogs named Tucket and Goomba.  Tucket doesn’t like the rain (loves the snow!), but, whatever, he’s not suicidal.  Goomba is another story.

Goomba has a nice life (big yard, walk-a-day, fresh chicken or fish at the end of the day, a couple of weeks up in Nantucket each year), but nevertheless his reaction to thunder is to try and off himself.  He’s crashed through plate glass windows (several times), bolted off the deck, and just vanished.  He’s nicked up his mouth with blood, his paws with scrapes, and I’ve even gotten a telephone call (while in New Orleans) that he was miles and miles from home.

But none of that compares to The Suicide Attempt.  Several years ago I was sitting in a landed plane on the tarmac at EWR (one of my frequent cross-country journeys), when my cell phone wouldn’t stop.  It seems that good ol’ Goomba (loyalest dog on the planet) had chewed through the upstairs bathroom window, walked out onto the roof, and said, ‘Goodbye, cruel world of thunder!,’ and jumped.  Where he promptly broke his hips, dragged himself to the middle of the street to finally exit Planet Earth and all her loud miseries when he was thankfully discovered by our neighbors, and taken to the vet’s.  Where they operated on his hip and gave him a boatload of drugs.

So what is it about a rainy day?  These days I guess I should be glad there are tranquilizers for the suicidal pooch, and enjoy the rain.

Rainy day playlist: It’s Raining in Baltimore – Counting Crows Feels Like Rain – John Hiatt Fire & Rain – James Taylor Yesterday I Watched The Rain – Tony Bennett Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan Songs About Rain – Gary Allan Garden In the Rain – Diana Krall Who’ll Stop the Rain – Courtney Jaye cover – California Rain – Madeleine Peyroux – Carolina Rain – Ryan AdamsEarly Morning Rain – Eva Cassidy





3 Responses to “It’s Raining Dogs and Dogs”

  1. Ann Crawford Says:

    We have one out of four dogs who is terrified of rain storms,but she only needs to be covered with a thick comforter and be held until the thunder,etc. passes on.Your story reminds me of the”Marley and Me” book.You certainly can spin a tale.(True,of course)Then again you have a family with unbelieveable(sp?) and wonderful stories which you tell so well.
    I just came in from the pool and was checking for the next storm on accu(or not so accu)weather.I couldn’t resist reading a dog Wally Written story.I am so glad I did.

  2. Rebecca Royce Says:

    Great blog today! LOL. My dogs go crazy in the thunder. And I lived in New Orleans. They only pretend to dismiss it down there. They HATE it as much as we do. LOL!

  3. alexandria Says:

    oh, this made me laugh. poor goomba.

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