“In God’s Hat”

Yes, it’s rare that I use the blog twice to shill for a play I have no involvement in, but hey, it’s my damn blog.

It’s no secret that I read the paper every day.  And The Paper is The Times, and that Times is the Times of New York, the great Grey Lady, not the Journal or the Times of London.  I know, according to all other media reports, I am an old, stodgy, fogey, set in his ways who is going down with his beloved print media as he wipes jam off his mouth and mutters about how good those shows on CBS are, but I love the Times.  So much so that I had it delivered daily to my apartment in sunny L.A.  So much so that a couple of summers ago I read Gay Talese’s classic of how The Times became The Times, The Kingdom and the Power, filled with memorable, bygone stories of antiquated days in which metro editors would call a reporter back just to offer him his ‘good night’.

Now, I’ve written numerous letters to The Times, some of which they’ve even deigned to publish, and my mother’s seen her name in ink in, of all places, the sports pages, but this morning topped it all.  I opened the paper, and there was a review–  a damn favorable review— of a friends’ play in The New York Times.

Go see this play!  I have known– and worked with– the director, the actors, and the promising company is being singled out.  I’ve seen the play twice, and thoroughly enjoyed– indeed, was mesmerized by– both performances.  Go see this play!  I mean, it’s being called ‘terrific’– by The New York Times.

Where have I seen this picture before? Oh, right, in today's Times.

Tickets are here.


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