“Dreams on Spec”

Hmm, on second thought, maybe there’s a reason autoworkers don’t watch Roger & Me, soldiers don’t view The Fog of War, and penguins aren’t queueing up for The March of the Penguins.

That was my thought upon watching on the 2007 documentary Dreams on Spec.  Whoops.  Big mistake.

The picture follows three delusional aspiring scribes as they race around La-La-Land, typing away, contending with family, friends and work that pays actual American dollars, and, of course, the chase of agents, the bites at managers, staged readings and staged disasters–  the fringes of the Industry.

It was all a little too, well, close to home to enjoy, or even gleam any information from.   There was the requisite Good Will Hunting poster on some schmuck‘s wall, the patron saint flick of all undiscovered screenwriters.  There was the aforementioned table read, which did…  well, what exactly?  There was the oh-so-familiar, “My friend knows Laura San Giacomo.”  And interspersed with these poor souls (literally, poor, meaning broke) were interviews with the Greek gods, descended from on high:  Carrie Fisher, James L. Brooks, Nora Ephron, etc.  They all looked so comfortable and wise–  which, of course, makes senses, as they were sitting in multi-million dollars homes in the Hills, pontificating on the troubles of the second act.

Hmm.  Should’a rented Hoop Dreams instead.  Next up in my queue is The Player.  Wonder how that is.

Yup, she's gonna get my script sold. Yup. Oh yes indeed. Yes indeed sir. No doubt at it. Yup.


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