Off- Off- Off- Broad-WAY

The show opens this Thursday, friends so you won’t get your normally pithy tales this week as we work to refine the production.  (However, if you’re anywhere in the metro area, I suggest piling into the car and getting a ticket.)

Who's this handsome host?

“Give me a C, a bouncy C!,” the great Martin Short always calls out when he sings showtunes on Letterman.  Yesterday I had the privelige of hosting (and, alas, singing–  kind of) a “Tenafly Presents…” concert at Davis-Johnson Park (Sunday in the Park: the Kwikees Sing Broad-WAY), in which far more talented people than I sang showtunes (with or without a bouncy C).  But who can resist a little jig?

A jig. Really.


One Response to “Off- Off- Off- Broad-WAY”

  1. diane Says:

    soo wish i could have been there! a.d.

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