Opening Night

Read the latest press, and get your tickets!

In Mel Brooks’ sublime Valentine to the theater, The Producers: The New Mel Brooks Musical (TM), Mr. Brooks has a wonderfully funny song about the theater, “Opening Night“.  And no matter how many plays one is involved with, on any level (and that’s what’s so fantastic about theater, just like playing baseball or music–  it’s essentially on the same on a fundamental level), opening night is always a heady mix of nerves and pure excitement.  It’s just plain, well, fun.

Dress is finished (lights, costumes, band, music, go!) and the show, despite Stanislavsky’s old dictum (One always wishes one had two more weeks.) the show is ready.  And I don’t often say this, but…  it’s good–  it’s a taunt, 90 minutes of a rock musical that works, and has moments that make it work.

Come see for yourself…  tick…  tick…


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